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3 New Automotive Design Trends

3 New Automotive Design Trends

In the modern automotive industry, it seems as though every design studio is seeking to develop a revolutionary new look for their next car. With fierce competition and a tough global economy today, car manufacturers are forced to make an effort to stand out from the rest of their competitors. This is why we see such a large number of car designs that stray from the norm and try out new, daring concepts for their automobiles.

However, a new trend has been developing within the industry that could have some serious implications for the future of automotive design. This "new" phenomenon is simply taking standard headlight technology and adding a whole lot of aliens to it.

Here are three examples of this extraordinary innovation:

1) The Nissan Cube

Nissan's compact SUV is one of the best examples of this new style. It features a very distinctive set of headlights that have been prominently featured in Nissan's advertising campaigns.

The headlights feature a two-piece design with a clear pane of glass acting as a divider between the amber and white portions. The look is very original but has become even more unique now that they've been made 3D.

2) The Mini Cooper "Blacklight" Edition


Mini has always been known for its unique style. However, this new edition to the iconic hatchback is sure to catch your eye with its sophisticated headlight design.

This specific custom edition of the Mini comes with a specialized set of headlights and fog lamps that emit a pulsating black light effect. This truly makes for an elite driving experience, as you can see far into the distance without any obstructions from other vehicles on the road.

3) The Infiniti Essence Concept Car


Infiniti has recently unveiled its newest concept car at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (SIAA). The most notable feature of this car is its headlight system. The Essence features a sleek, transparent housing system that uses LED technology for headlights and tail lights with an aerodynamic, streamlined design.

This concept of the car clearly demonstrates the direction in which the automotive industry is headed: with an increasing demand to incorporate new technologies into our lives, we'll begin to see this sort of extraterrestrial-inspired technology implemented in more and more cars and trucks over time. It's just a matter of time before all cars look like they're from another planet!

In conclusion, we can see that the automotive industry has begun to experiment with alien-like features and functions. As a result, this could be the new trend in car design that we'll begin to see more of as time progresses.


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