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xpel ultimate plus stealth ppf paint protection film

XPEL Keeps Your Car Looking New

Every car out there seems to be able to benefit from paint protection film in some way. Whether it's for a show car or a daily driver and no matter the budget, we can all appreciate the benefits of XPEL paint protection film. Here are just a few reasons why:

XPEL Keeps Your Car Looking New

You probably know how frustrating it is to keep your car looking great. Not only does it have to fight off dirt, but also the elements left behind by birds and bugs on the front of the hood or bumper that are extremely hard to clean. XPEL's protective film will not allow these contaminants onto your paint, maintaining its color and shine every time you wash your car. All paint protection films provide an increased level of visual appeal, but XPEL Stealth Film is virtually invisible after installation. This means that you'll be able to enjoy the benefits without sacrificing the look of your car.

If you are worried about rock chips or tired of sandblasting at freeway speeds, XPEL paint protection film covers vulnerable areas like the hood, fenders, and bumpers, even minor abrasions become less noticeable because they can be sanded out without harming your factory paint beneath. XPEL Paint Protection is guaranteed to keep your car looking new.

PPF Adds Value to your Vehicle

The biggest difference between a car with paint protection film and a car without? The resale value. When you show up to sell your vehicle, buyers will pay more for a car that looks newer longer, which means you'll get more for your trade-in. Additionally, every panel covered by XPEL paint protection film helps ensure that nothing else on your car needs attention as often as those parts did after being exposed to the elements over time. In terms of safety, the film holds up well to small stones and other abrasive objects that would otherwise come through the front of your hood or chip the paint on your door.

Paint Protection Film Durability

If you're concerned about having to constantly replace the film, there's no need. XPEL clear paint protection films (including their ceramic series) can last up to 10 years or even more with proper care and cleaning. All US versions of paint protection film are made with impact-resistant nylon but XPEL's Clear Paint Protection Film is also strong enough for light truck and SUV applications, even on their windshields. Better still, it can take a substantial amount of hits without cracking or peeling away from the body panels. The film will maintain its smooth surface finish through extreme weather conditions as well so your car stays protected all year round.

There is a long list of benefits you get when choosing XPEL Paint Protection Film for your car which is why it is one of the first things we recommend you install in your vehicle. XPEL Paint Protection Film makes a great addition to any car, truck, motorcycle or SUV.

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